Couple Exchanged Underwater Wedding Vows at Centara Grand Maldives Luxury Resort

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If you are talking about scuba diving Maldives is certainly one of the best destinations in the world. A bride and groom exchanged vows 10 meters beneath the surface of Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa, Maldives on on 25th Oct 2013

The wedding of Christopher and Janet was witnessed by Ibrahim Shaan who acted as the master of ceremony, number of guests, staff members of the resort and plenty of fish.

Marriage vows were exchanged by using underwater sign language and writing on a board. “Christopher and Janet have declared their love for each other and wish to become husband and wife in the presence of beautiful underwater scenery of South Ari Atoll witnessed by the guests of Centara Maldives and countless fishes and mermaids around” wrote the master of the ceremony on a signboard.

The bride was dressed in cream sequined dress with matching veil while the groom wore a white shirt with tie and a black trouser accompanied with diving gear. The wedding spot was decorated with red setting and flowers Underwater.

The couple holidayed twice in Maldives before Christopher asked if she would marry him to be Mrs. Wright.

“Maldives is a paradise and we thought an underwater wedding would be spectacular to celebrate best moment of our life” Christopher said. “We will be dive and life buddies forever.”

The newlyweds will complete honeymoon in Maldives before flying back to England.

Congratulations to the newly wedded couple.

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World Surfaris to Manage Surf Operations at Hudhuranfushi Resort, Maldives

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Management at Hudhuranfushi Resort, Maldives have taken a welcome step to managing on island surfer numbers by appointing World Surfaris as their official surf operations manager & offering a new surfer management plan that will limit surfers permitted to a maximum of 35 during March to October season. 

The new surfer package is only available through international surf adventure company World Surfaris and their affiliate agents and promises to free up the house break 'Lohi's' from the annual abundance of visiting surfers. 

Fostering a 'less is more for everyone' attitude World Surfaris owner Shaun Levings has indicated that this is a positive step in managing surfer numbers in the North Male' atoll of the Maldives. 

"Surfer numbers visiting North Male' atoll & Hudhuranfushi Resort have considerably increased in recent years. The resulting influx has often left guests frustrated to say the least with a bad atmosphere in and out of the water. After all who'd want to travel to this dream destination and have to share the line up with an excessive crowd? The new surf management plan means less people in the water with more waves for your money and a great vibe throughout your holiday." Levings stated.

ADS Resorts Pvt Ltd, the leaseholders of Lohifushi Island now known as Adaaran 'Select' Hudhuranfushi Resort are granted private use of the house reef which includes 'Lohis left'. This is indeed quite controversial in the world of surfing however in the Maldives; the tourism laws grant most resorts a boundary for privacy reason that often includes the surf break. Surfers have flocked to the resort to surf 'Lohis for many years however on island surfer numbers have spiralled out of control and the break was fast losing its reputation as a desirable location. 

Mr Mohamed Lantra, General Manager of marketing at Adaaran Resorts was quoted the following when questioned about limiting surfing numbers. "With regard to the surf operation, the company has taken a decision to manage it well and uplift the standard of the Lohis surf break as well as the property as such, we have appointed World Surfaris to manage the surf operation. The above decision was taken after reviewing for almost 2 years and to maintain discipline among surfers. No surfers will be allowed to surf 'Free' at Lohis without a paid surf pass".

The new surfer package will limit surfers on Island to a maximum of 35. The lucky 35 surfers at the resort can also sample the other North Male' atoll jewels with guided boat trips to the 6 other breaks within 30 minutes. Right pits at Cokes or warm water J'bay at Jails, all within 20 minutes from the resort. Resident surf guides Richard & Amy Kotch are thrilled by the development. 

"Quite simply, Hudhuranfushi is the best place to be based for a surf trip in the Maldives. 'Lohis', the island left that is exclusive to Hudhuranfushi guests is one of the most consistent in the world, for 8 months of the year there is a rideable wave pretty much every day of the season. Managing surfer numbers on the island means that you can surf perfect, uncrowded waves in paradise without the hassles that we've seen developing in previous years. It's an awesome initiative by Adaaran Resorts!" Richard said.

The new surfer package will also include the addition of two new local expert guides. With four guides on the island, surfers and visitors can expect to receive the best possible service and care throughout their stay. 

With the new package only recently released spaces are wide open for the 2014 season March - October. With only 35 surfer spaces available for sale to surfers all over the world, a space in the line-up at Lohi's break will become highly sought after. 

The surf package is only available through World Surfaris and affiliate agents. So, if you're chasing uncrowded waves in the beautiful Maldives in 2014, you must act now. 

From more info on the resort:

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Louis Vuitton an Ultra Luxury Resort in Maldives to open Nov 15

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 Luxury giant Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) will open a resort hotel in Noonu Atoll Randheli on November 15, the company has announced.

Cheval Blanc Randheli will offer 46 villas designed by Jean-Michel Gathy, an Aman architectural stalwart and the creative mind behind other properties including St. Regis Lhasa, marrying traditional Maldivian craftsmanship with modern architecture.

Neutral tones complement the villas’ open, airy interiors whilst a 12.5-meter-long private swimming pool and lagoon-side pontoons punctuate the gardens.

This announcement adds to a growing list of internationally renowned names in fashion with luxury hotels in their portfolios.

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts earlier this month announced plans to open a brand-new hotel in Shanghai in 2015, whilst the Missoni brand of hotels is planning to build more properties in Oman, Turkey, Brazil and Mauritius over the next few years.

Other hotels belonging to the LVMH group include White 1921, a boutique hotel in St Tropez, France.

White 1921 is a suites-only hotel in the French alps. It has eight suites, each with its own individual interior design by Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Cheval Blanc Courchevel.

Its Le 1947 restaurant serves traditional Alpine dishes with a contemporary twist, created by three-star Michelin chef Yannick Alleno, as well as an in-house Christian Dior boutique and a Louis Vuitton shop.

Real Men Go to the Maldives

Loading Maldives Offers.... "You're going to the Maldives? Oh wow, that sounds amazing. Take lots of books, there's nothing to do there."

This may sound like an idyllic, blissful paradise to some people. The beaches! The turquoise waters! The beaches and the turquoise waters together in one place!

But to me, it was the source of quite some concern before our Honeymoon. You see, I am a man, and we men need excitement, we are in constant need of sensual stimulation and we need our minds to be occupied. Your man may say differently, but like me he is merely being a gentlemen (that's what's expected of us, you see).

"A break on a beach with absolutely nothing to do, darling? That sounds like Heaven."

And so we duly booked a holiday on the white sands and turquoise waters of Kuramathi, an island in the Rasdhoo Atoll of the Maldives. A country that positively sells itself on nothingness.

The journey there was obviously the last hat-tip to manly, free-spirited adventure as we rolled over crashing waves through 56 kilometres of stomach-evacuating seas towards our final destination. I rode the waves majestically, like a King of the Seas. Others around me turned green and stared longingly at the horizon. That is because they are not adventurers like me, they are the type of travelers who go to the Maldives.

As we ebbed closer to our destination, it became clear to me that this was not the tiny, intimate island of Maldivian stereotype; it was long (nearly two kilometres long, fact fans) and among the towering palm trees and thick bushes, hundreds of thatched-roof villas poked their sun decks towards the coral-filled sea.

And nestled among these villas - a variety of beachside apartments (some, like ours with their own open-air jacuzzis) - are ten restaurants and six bars, all with their own unique take on the Maldivian experience.

What this means, is that it's perfectly possible to eat curry, fine slabs of steak and the freshest fish, straight from the ocean to your plate, in a different restaurant every night of the week. Curry even comes for breakfast, which is something most men only experience after a skinful of ale the night before. Things were already looking up.

And as we dumped our bags and went off to explore the island (on the dirt tracks through the trees like real adventurers, of course), it quickly became clear that there was more to this island than immediately meets the eye.

Two dive schools offer excursions throughout the day, where guests can submerge themselves inside sunken shipwrecks, follow rays across the seabed and glide over the coral below. But for those with PADI certificates the ocean becomes a mind-blowingly exciting playground, with the pick of the trips being an early morning boat ride to Hammerhead Shark Point, a spot less than 10 minutes from Kuramathi where the majestic mammals congregate 30 metres below the surface in crystal clear waters.

Even if you're not PADI certified, there's plenty to see in the lagoons immediately around the island. Within ten seconds of dunking our masks underwater, we were passed within touching distance by a Black Tipped Reef Shark - in water no more than three feet deep.

Snorkel excursions may seem like the poor man's dive trip, but in truth there's so much to see with just a snorkel and a mask that strapping on oxygen tanks seems like a waste of sunshine time.

Perhaps you're more of a sporty person, in which case you can head for the jetty to pick up a windsurfer, which will instantly make 90% of men look like weak, foolish individuals with little upper body strength and no sense of balance.

Alternatively, you could choose the glass-bottomed kayaks, which serve two rather different functions: Firstly, they allow you to stare between your legs and watch sharks and turtles getting perilously close to your crown jewels; and secondly it provides the perfect opportunity to have your first holiday argument, because your wife isn't adhering to the strict 'left, right' paddling pattern necessary to propel yourselves forward. She maintains it was my fault, I maintain that it really shouldn't matter as half an hour spent paddling in circles gave us a wonderful opportunity to see the island from all angles.

Admittedly it's all been a bit water-based so far, and there are those travelers who balk at the idea of entering the ocean (fools!), but thankfully Kuramathi has plenty to offer land-based guests as well.

The wooden, open-sided Laguna Bar - on the furthest tip of the island - feels like the sort of place Hemingway would have sipped rum and watched the world go by. But those who grab themselves a spot on the terrace get to watch a whole lot more, as each night a huge fever of stingrays - with an accompaniment of sharks - whip themselves into a frenzy at a feeding session led by a hotel staff member armed with a bucket of fish and some steel-plated gonads. Let me tell you, supping a cocktail as oceanic creatures tear each other apart in front of a glorious sunset makes you feel like a Roman Emperor and sets you right up for dinner.

After gorging yourself on food at any of the ten restaurants, which offer a plethora of world foods, there are enough bars to keep you well watered at regular intervals as you venture up the island.

A particular favourite was the Havana Club Wine & Cigar Bar, an air-conditioned, timeless pocket of sophistication set back from the ocean, where guests can glug cocktails, fine wines and a huge selection of premium spirits and puff on fine cigars under the watchful eyes of Castro and Guevara.

So I really can't do more than inform you of all these chuffing brilliant things to do on the island of Kuramathi, in the knowledge that if someone else tells you to "make sure you take a book," you can tell 'em where to go.

But if you really do insist on ignoring all of the above and lounging around on the beach all day, or by the glorious beachside infinity pool, then there's just one more thing: They have BATS. Massive, incredible, beautiful fruitbats soaring from the trees and laughing in the face of Bram Stoker's suggestion that they fizzle and die at the merest glimmer of sunlight. Even the bats are more manly here.

Seriously, what more do you want from a place? It's an adventurer's paradise, even for a bear-wrestling, globe-traversing adventurer like me.

Matt GlassDrummer, cyclist, writer and PR. Not necessarily in that order

Dusit Thani Maldives makes its mark at TTG Travel Awards

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Mr. Chanin Donavanik, Managing Director and CEO of Dusit International, was named Travel Entrepreneur of the Year at the 24th Annual TTG Travel Awards 2013, held Thursday 3rd October in Bangkok, Thailand.

Also that evening, the company’s Dusit Thani Maldives property was named Best New Beach Resort Hotel in Asia due to its services, facilities, value-added benefits and professional sales and marketing team.

Both Mr. Donavanik and Dusit Thani Maldives’ General Manager Mr. Desmond Hatton were on hand to receive the honours.

The 52 Travel Supplier Awards and 16 Travel Agency Awards are voted on by readers of TTG Travel Trade Publishing’s print and online titles, with a total of 120,000 valid votes cast to determine this year’s recipients.

However, the Travel Entrepreneur of the Year Award is one of four awards under the organisation’s Outstanding Achievements Awards category, voted upon solely by members of TTG’s editorial team.

The Travel Entrepreneur of the Year Award is presented each year to a CEO who makes the right hires to strengthen his organisation, who dares to take risks, sets new standards for the brand and contributes to the industry in critical areas such as training, education and sustainability.

“I am humbled that Dusit has been recognised with such prestigious awards,” said Mr. Donavanik, Managing Director and CEO of Dusit International. “Both of the TTG Travel Awards are truly a reflection of the entire team’s efforts over the years.”

“It is my sincere hope that as an organisation, and as an industry, we continue to grow in a sustainable manner, focusing on the development of our people as well caring for the communities and environments in which we operate.”

Legendary diving at Baros Maldives

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To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Baros Maldives, the resort’s Dive Base owner, Sepp Zedelmayer, has introduced a diving programme based on a legend – the legendary underwater world to be found around Baros.

He opened the Diving Centre at Baros Maldives in 1980 and has been exploring the reefs in North Male’ Atoll in which Baros is situated, ever since. From the beginning of his diving career Sepp also pioneered the conservation of the underwater world, as well as the protection of turtles. As a result Baros Maldives stands for environmental awareness with the Dive Centre and the associate Marine Centre being dedicated to reef preservation.

In conjunction with his discovery of dive sites, Sepp opened the Dive Centre at Baros Maldives as one of the first in the archipelago. His success story continued with the establishment of a PADI five-star Gold Palm Dive Centre in 2008 and the creation of the first resort EcoDive Centre in the Maldives in December 2010 at Baros.

Baros Maldives, with 30 over water villas, ten with secluded sundeck swimming pools, and 44 beachside villas, ten of which have individual plunge pools, and one romantic Baros Residence, is ideal for divers, whether novices or experts, because of the variety of living coral, fish and turtles to be observed on its pristine house reef within a few metres of the beach.


AirAsia flies to Maldives

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AirAsia has launched its first ever flights to the Maldives. The inaugural flight was welcomed with by top officials of travel industry and the government.

Malaysian low-cost carrier’s long-haul unit, AirAsia X, will operate four weekly flights to the island nation, via the Sri Lankan capital Colombo. Services will operate every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday on a split schedule, departing Kuala Lumpur at either 0920 or 1120 depending on the day.

The new route also marks the start of flights to Colombo from KL, adding to AirAsia’s existing Bangkok-Colombo service.

“We are truly grateful for the support that the government, airport and tourism bodies in Maldives have given us and hope our partnership brings more traffic into Maldives from Sri Lanka and Malaysia in future. Similarly, we hope to increase tourism traffic from Maldives and Sri Lanka into Malaysia,” said Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of AirAsia X. “In addition to our affordable fare offerings, our new Fly Thru destinations for the route would also enable Maldivians to connect seamlessly via our Kuala Lumpur hub to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and Osaka in Japan. This will further stimulate feeder traffic within the AirAsia X network.”

The AirAsia X’s Fly-Thru service allows guests to easily connect between two different flights via the Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier Terminal without having to worry about checking in twice.

Ibrahim Saleem, Managing Director of Maldives Airports Company Ltd said, “We are indeed honored to have such a reputed airline and we are confident that AirAsia X will add values to our airport and we will fully support Air Asia X in every way. I would like to convey our special thanks on behalf of Maldives Airports Company Ltd to AirAsia X team for choosing Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in their route expansion and I wish AirAsia X all the best in their future endeavors. AirAsia X’s new route to INIA would boost the Maldivian tourism and trade benefiting the economy.”

AirAsia X will operate the KL-Colombo-Malé-KL route using its twin-aisle Airbus A330-300 aircraft, which offers 377 seats – 12 in business class and 365 in economy. Ticket prices start from USD 130 for one way to Kuala Lampur from Malé.

Maldives tops honeymoon wishlist for Britons

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Maldives is top of the honeymoon wishlist for Britons, according to a new research from Kuoni.

The average newlyweds will blow around £5,000 on their honeymoon, with the perfect break combining sunbathing, sightseeing and sports, reports Kuoni.

A survey of 2,000 unmarried Britons, undertaken by OnePoll on behalf of Kuoni, found that the ideal honeymoon would depart three days after the wedding, and comprise 14 nights at a five-star hotel in a destination with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and eight hours of sunshine per day.

During their break, honeymooners expect to read two books, have four candlelit meals, enjoy three massages/spa treatments and take five romantic beach strolls.

Around 26% of the holiday would be spent sunbathing and 32% sightseeing, but a further 12% of the time would involve sports and activities.

The most popular activities include: swimming with dolphins, cited by 50% of respondents; snorkelling (32%); hiking/trekking (31%); scuba diving (25%); cycling (20%); cage diving with sharks (16%); zip lining (15%); riding a Segway (14%); paragliding (14%); and surfing (13%).

The research also showed that 17% of Britons want to be able to check social media while on their honeymoon, 12% to ring home to speak to their mum, 10% to contact friends and 7% to play a computer game.

The average honeymoon will be booked online, paid for by the bride and groom and cost a minimum of £4,930.89.

Derek Jones, managing director of Kuoni, said: ‘This shows that couples still want that romantic beach idea with unparalleled service and excellent hotels in a place like  the Maldives, but they are also leaning towards a more active, cultural and authentic experience on honeymoon.

‘People are no longer content with a week or two lounging around by the beach or pool, instead newly married couples are hoping for a bit of adventure, they want to learn more about the country they are visiting and return home with tales of the amazing things they have seen and done.’

Kuoni’s top ten honeymoon destinations for 2013 are: the Maldives; Thailand; Sri Lanka; Mauritius; Indonesia; the Arab Emirates; the US; St Lucia; Malaysia; and Kenya.

Source: Maldives Promotion House

The islands of the Maldives have emerged as the preferred playground among the world's rich and powerful.

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Popular playgrounds of the rich and powerful
Where do the world’s rich and powerful prefer to play? According to a recent global survey that polled consumers for whom money is no object, that place is the Maldives, which emerged as their favorite luxury travel destination.

Set in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the 105 resort islands that make up part of the Maldives squeezed past Italy and France as the preferred destination for 800 luxury holidaymakers in the survey carried out by Small Luxury Hotels of the World, a London-based outfit whose portfolio includes 520 hotels in 70 countries.

Interestingly, the results of the poll also reveal geographical divides: while the Maldives emerged as the preferred luxury destination overall, where it failed to feature as top-of-mind was in the U.S. and Canada where respondents favored European destinations with France topping their list.

Furthermore, while globally nearly half or 42 percent of respondents said they would take a luxury holiday over a luxury car, jewelry or clothing, Canadians were the exception to the trend: 58 percent of respondents said they would opt for the car.

Canucks also bucked the trend when it came to identifying the most important elements of a luxury holiday. While globally, five-star facilities emerged as top priorities -- particularly for the British -- Canadians and respondents from Latin America said they value authentic experiences over luxury amenities.

Comfort and familiarity, meanwhile, are particularly important for German and Chinese travelers, who said they favor “a home away from home.”

The most popular form of luxury travel? Not surprisingly, that was a secluded beach resort, chosen by 43 percent of respondents.

Meanwhile, French, German and British travelers expressed a fondness for luxurious, country mansions and estates compared to Chinese and Russian tourists, who were particularly keen on spa and wellness resorts.

And green, eco-friendly travel was most popular among American travelers (30 percent) compared to the global average of 14 percent.

Another study that polled the travel preferences of affluent Americans, meanwhile, found that a wine tour through Bordeaux, Napa or Tuscany was the preferred form of luxury travel, followed by a cruise on a luxury liner, a Broadway show and a visit to a rare or remote landscape like Antarctica.

More people choose coffee over sex for their morning buzz

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The results of a newly commissioned survey reveals global coffee and travel habits.  The survey, conducted in advance of International Coffee Day on September 29, found that coffee surpasses sex as the ideal wake-up call according to more than half (53%) of the global respondents. The study also established that coffee drinkers are addicted to this morning ritual as 54% of respondents make their morning brew right at home and an overwhelming 78% would rather give up alcohol, social media or sex with their spouse for a year rather than forfeit coffee – proving that a bean buzz remains the ultimate high.
The new global study of coffee drinkers and frequent travelers in six countries – from India to the US, China to UAE, among other key markets – uncovers how today’s ‘mega-travelers’ get their caffeine fix.  While travel usually provides a break from the daily routine, the survey shows that coffee remains an on-the-go necessity as, on average, people drink more coffee when they are away from home.  Coffee traditions and flavors from around the world are so distinct that a majority of seasoned jetsetters (53%) claim to have experienced nostalgia for a destination due to the cup of coffee they enjoyed while traveling.
Spilling the beans: coffee habits fuel the day
A ubiquitous necessity and source of energy, the coffee one consumes – and how much –    can say a lot.
  • Surprisingly, the study found that most people (58%) prefer to drink coffee to relax, while 55% also drink it primarily for the taste.
  • A majority of respondents (51%) feel they could go longer without sex than without coffee.
  • Of all the effects felt from lack of coffee, approximately one-fourth (28%) feel less creative, 22% cannot get out of bed, and 16% say that they are not able to talk to other people without it.
  • The vast majority of people need a coffee caffeinated kick during long meetings (81%), while only 56% would request water.
 Something’s brewing among global travelers
When traveling the world, coffee drinkers may experiment with local flavors, but their addiction never wavers. Key findings include:
  • 73% of respondents would give up television and internet in a hotel for the perfect cup of coffee.
  • The majority of respondents (63%) would give up alcohol over coffee while staying at a hotel.
  • Travelers also experience an emotional response to coffee, given that 58% of respondents say they generally miss the coffee experience they had while traveling.
 Coffee talk: cups of Joe create conversation
With speed of information, convenience and connectivity leading the charge in today’s society, it is no wonder that coffee and social media are closely intertwined.
  • The global study found that a majority of respondents (64%) access social media while having coffee and traveling, all at the same time.
  • While drinking coffee on the road, people like to stay connected through various channels as most respondents (72%) will either check their social media accounts or read a newspaper/magazine.
  • More than half (53%) said that if they were going to post a beverage on their social media accounts while traveling, it would be coffee.
The survey was conducted Le Méridien Hotels in conjunction of launching its Master Barista initiative.

Future sea level rises should not restrict new island formation in the Maldives

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The continued accumulation of sand within the iconic ring-shaped reefs inside Maldivian atolls could provide a foundation for future island development new research suggests. Islands like the Maldives are considered likely to be the first to feel the effects of climate change induced sea level rise, with future island growth essential to counter the threat of rising sea levels.

The study published in the journal Geology, and carried out by researchers from the University of Exeter in collaboration with the University of Auckland, James Cook University, the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan, Curtin University and the University of Glasgow, focussed on the formation of islands inside the atolls of the Maldives.

The researchers studied the history and timing of island building, a process which starts when the lagoons fill sufficiently with sand that is derived from the surrounding corals reefs, to provide a foundation for island establishment. Assuming these reefs continue to flourish and can thus maintain high rates of sand supply, those lagoons that are already nearly full have clear potential to provide foundations for new island development over the next few hundred years.

Professor Chris Perry from the University of Exeter said: “Many of the heavily populated islands in the Maldives have limited capacity to respond naturally to sea-level rise and this will necessitate additional spending on shoreline maintenance. Our research suggests, however, that the potential does exist for new island formation on those reefs inside the atolls that have near fully infilled lagoons. These may ultimately provide additional land options across the region, and some possibilities for mitigation options under higher sea level conditions.”

The study suggests that it is the smaller reefs, with lagoons that are already nearly in-filled, that are most likely to give rise to new islands. Once established, and given sufficient sand supply, the findings suggest that these new islands can develop rapidly, over a few 100 years, and that these may then evolve into larger, island structures that could provide alternative land options in the region. Evidence from this region also suggests that many existing islands established and expanded under slightly higher than present sea-levels over the last few 1000 years.

Larger reefs with deeper, unfilled, central lagoons are likely to only fill with sand over much longer timescales and are thus unlikely to support new island development over any meaningful future timescales.

Sea level rise is projected to put increasing pressure on the Maldives. Heavily populated islands, including the low-lying capital Male, have limited capacity to respond to natural shoreline changes and will thus require ever more costly management interventions to sustain them under projected sea level rises.

Helen Flanagan enjoys the most beautiful holiday in Maldives

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English actress and model Helen Flangan has enjoyed a sunny holiday at top luxury resort in Baa Atoll in Maldives.

Helen who was voted as the most attractive Briton in the 2013 FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll, treated to her fans by posting holiday snaps on her Twitter and Instagram pages while soaking up the sun in the Maldives.

The 23-year-old actress certainly seemed to be making the most of her private pool as she kicked back in the sunny side of life last week – by enjoying a nude swim. Alongside an accompanying snap, she wrote: ‘Swimming naked in my pool.’

And the former Coronation Street star made sure to treat her devoted followers to a glimpse of her famous curves with an artistic four-way black and white shot of her flaunting her impressive figure in a rather skimpy bikini. 

Focusing on her famous chest, the platinum blonde model pouted into the camera as she poised her fingers into a heart shape.

Before leaving she tweeted “Just leaving the Maldives! Had the most beautiful holiday! So lucky x ❤”. After returning home she posted again “ I want to go back x”, “Having the worst holiday blues x”

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