Paris Hilton's Birthday Holiday at Maldives

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American socialite and millionaire Paris Hilton showered praises on the Maldives in a series of photographs on social media as she celebrated her 35th birthday in the island getaway.

According to the Daily Mail Online, Hilton’s birthday celebration in the Maldives was a surprise gift prepared by her current boyfriend and millionaire businessman Thomas Gross.

Daily Mail cited her excitement for the trip, “We're going to land somewhere tropical and beautiful and some place I've never been before, so I'm excited. I love surprises.”

The online snippets of the celebration began Wednesday with a picture of Hilton posing with her birthday cake aboard her flight, which was titled “#BirthdayGirl landing in #Paradise” and accompanied with an aerial shot of the archipelago.

Over the course of her holiday, Hilton uploaded several pictures of herself enjoying the tropical beauty of the Maldives on her Facebook and Instagram.

One photograph of herself lounging on a sunbed was captioned “#Peaceful in #Paradise”, while another Facebook post featuring Hilton walking along an over-water walkway read, “I have travelled to the most beautiful places around the world & this is one of the most incredible places I've ever been...”

The pictures depict Hilton in flowy beach dresses and accentuating swimwear, most of them with beautiful spots of the resort serving as eye-catching backdrops.

“Feel so relaxed & at peace here. What a wonderful way to celebrate my ?#?Birthday?,” she wrote, describing her location as “Pure Paradise”.

The popular descendant of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels, has not confirmed her location on any of her pictures and the duration of her vacation remains unclear.

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